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MATCHA GREEN TEA Powder By Born In Nature

Happy Thanksgiving!

As you know by now, Matcha Green Tea Powder is one of my favorite things.  Today, I have a review of the Matcha Green Tea Powder by the team at Born in Nature.  You can find it on by clicking here, or on the company website here.  I received my sample of the Matcha Green Tea Powder at a reduced cost in exchange for my honest opinion.

I also reviewed this item on, if you’d like to discover more, you can read about it as well by clicking this link.

This is by far, one of the BEST Matcha Green Tea Powders I have had the privilege of trying.  There was hardly any trace of bitterness, which is often common with Matcha Green Tea Powder.  The flavor is strong, smooth and full.  When I got to the bottom of my cup, there was hardly any trace of powder left over, and I had NO LUMPS…yeah!  This makes the most beautiful and vibrant cup of tea.  I have had it in the traditional fashion (hot water & whisked) and as a latte (Almond or Coconut Milk and sweetener).  Both versions were simply divine.

My energy levels increased with this Matcha Green Tea Powder, as expected.  I have no jitters or other adverse side effects.  I simply experience an ‘uptick’ in energy, with no crash.  I seriously look forward to my cup every day that ends in ‘Y’.

I give this one my highest recommendation and am certain you will like it as well.  You will not be disappointed.  If you are trying to break an addition to coffee or caffeine, I suggest you give Matcha Green Tea Powder a try.

Enjoy Turkey Day, and take care.


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