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MatchaDNA Handcrafted Matcha Bowl White

Today’s review is all about Matcha!  Now, I know that I am a bit obsessed about my Matcha Green Tea Powder.  However, today’s review is about a Matcha Handcrafted Bowl by the team at Matcha DNA.  The bowl can be purchased from

You may not have know that there are a few accessories to pair with the Matcha Green Tea experience and a bowl is one of them.  This is a unique bowl, as it is hand crafted.  Great care is taken to make this bowl, and it feels good in my hands.  My hands are rather small, so I need to use both of them to drink from the bowl directly.  I like that I have to ‘pause’ and sip.  It helps me to stop, relax and enjoy my tea.

The bowl itself is smooth, however, there are a series of ‘rivets’ designed around the side which prevents ‘slippage’.  It is large enough for ‘whisking’ Matcha Green Tea Powder, but, it is not cumbersome.

I received the white version.  It is better described as off-white and has several brown specks throughout.  It is easy to tell that this is a handmade item.  There are ‘slight’ imperfections that lend to the handmade feel.

This bowl has added a new layer to my Matcha Green Tea Experience.  I highly recommend it.

I received this item complimentary in exchange for an honest opinion.  As always, these comments are my own.

Take Care



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