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Crossfit Jump Rope + Wrist Wraps

Hi everyone, I had the opportunity to try the Crossfit Jump Rope + Wrist Wraps by ‘One For Heart’.

Jumping Rope used to be one of my favorite things as a child.  However, I have not participated in Jumping Rope in quite some time.  I read an article recently that mentioned the fact that you can burn over 200 calories when Jumping Rope for 10 minutes!!!  Now you know, 10 minutes is totally doable.

The Crossfit Jump Rope from One for Heart is measurable.  The length can be customized to your height, so the item is customizable to all consumers, regardless of their height.  The rope itself is actually built to be ‘high-speed’.  It is adaptable to the novice or professional user.

The rope also comes with a pair of Wrist Wraps.  The wraps contain a thumb loop, so you can put them on yourself (no need to ask anyone for assistance).  My wrists have a tendency to be on the ‘weak’ side, so I need help with support and stability.  These Wrist Wraps by One For Heart help me to do various Yoga poses, Push-Up and to lift weights.

I find it hard to believe that this combination of a Crossfit Jump Rope and Wrist Wraps costs under $15.00!  If you are interested in obtaining a set for yourself, you can find it //” target=”_blank”>here at  This is an easy way for me to add fitness to my routine, let me know if you feel the same way.

A complimentary sample was provided for review purposes.  These comments are my own.


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