Natural Organic Food Organic Matcha Powder

This review is for the ORGANIC Matcha Powder – from Kakegawa, Japan – For food, beverages, cookies, snack, or ice cream etc. – Matcha Green Tea is the highest quality powdered green tea available from Natural Organic Food. I have had the opportunity to review many brands of Matcha Green Tea in the past year. While I am not an aficionado; I do believe I have a pretty diverse pallet. One of the reasons I enjoy Matcha Green Tea Powder so much is that it is so versatile. I can have Matcha Green Tea Powder in a cup of tea, in a smoothie, in a smoothie bowl, in ice cream, in cookies and all types of pastries…the opportunities are endless!

Matcha Green Tea Powder also gives me ‘clean’ energy. I do not experience the ‘crash’ that comes with caffeine, but I get all of the energy benefits. Matcha is also my snack of choice between meals as it provides satiety and allows me to wait until lunchtime or dinnertime to eat. I am not raiding my pantry for a snack!

Matcha Powder1

The first thing I noticed about the Natural Organic Food Organic Matcha Powder was the color. It is very bright and vibrant. It actually reminded me of a ceremonial Matcha Powder (based upon the color). I added the Natural Organic Food Matcha Green Tea to a berry smoothie and also had a Matcha Latte; both were yummy. The Matcha flavor was prominent, and was not overly bitter (Matcha can be bitter). This is a great culinary grade of Matcha Green Tea, and I recommend it for anyone interested in cooking with Matcha and/or incorporating Matcha into smoothies and latte’s.

You can purchase this Matcha Green Tea on Amazon.com by clicking here.

I received this item for free/discount to give an unbiased and honest review. I was not paid or compensated to review the product. My reviews are based upon my experience while using the product. My comments are based upon the overall product performance. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 16 CFR Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsement and Testimonials in Advertising.

If you have any questions please let me know. I will answer to the best of my ability.


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