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Unique Petz 3-in-1 Retractable Leash With Light

This review is for the Unique Petz 3-in-1 Pet Retractable Leash, Black by Unique Petz.  The days are getting shorter and daylight is at a premium.  This is the first dog leash I have tried with a flashlight attached.

This review is for the 3-in-1 Pet Retractable leash by Uniqe Petz; however, I’d like to not that I received a leash manufactured by ‘Coleman’.  They appear to manufacture this product and Unique Petz appears to distribute it.

The leash is not as heavy as I imagined it would be; it weighs around 13 ounces.  The casing is made of a hard coated plastic, there is a rubber coating on the handle.  The retractable leash extends to 15 feet.  There is a bit of conflicting information about the maximum weight of dog this leash is good for.  The package says up to 50 pounds while the description on says up to 40 pounds.  Twenty pet waste bags is included with the purchase; however three AAA batteries are needed for the flashlight and they are not included.

My dog weighs 10 pounds soaking wet and we were able to use the retractable leash on our walks with ease.  My hands are pretty small, so the leash is a bit big for me; it measures 8 x 2.6 x 10 inches.  I don’t allow my dog to go 15 feet away from me because she’ll get into to too much trouble, but the leash does extend out far.  I allow my dog to go about 4-5 feet and lock the leash into place; the button for lock/release is located at the top of the unit near the flashlight.

I will use this exclusively for dusk or nighttime walks as it is a bit too big and cumbersome for full-time use.  A person with larger hands may feel the opposite, but I cannot get around the ‘clunky’ feel.  It is nice to have the option of a flashlight; I stay in a rural area and our streets are not full lit at night.  You can find the retractable flashlight on

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