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Aulker Over-Ear Bluetooth Sport Headphone Wireless Headset

This review is for the Aulker Over-Ear Bluetooth Sport Headphone Wireless Headset Sweatproof Rainproof Stereo Earbud behind Ear Secure Fit, 10 Day Standby Crystal Clear Sound, iPhone Android Compatible, Noise Cancelling Mic by Aulker.  I am an avid fan of wireless headphones and have had the opportunity to try several pairs.  This set by Aulker is also sweatproof/rainproof; which is a bonus.

The headphones are very lightweight and fit comfortably on my ears.  Pairing with the Bluetooth 4.1 was very easy; the headphones are listed as S560 on Bluetooth.  I paired the headphones with my iPhone 6, Kindle HDX and iPad Mini and encountered no issues.  My home is just over 2500 sq. ft.  I walked from to opposite corners of my home (the Kindle was in the eat-in kitchen and I was in the bonus room); I experienced interference with reception at the furthest corners of my home.  I can walk around my office with no interference as there are fewer walls.

I listen to an abundance of audio books at work and I stream movies and T.V. shows away from work.  The sound quality is good.  The noise cancellation is great!  The office can get pretty noisy with various conversations, conference calls and meetings going on; I don’t experience as many interruptions when wearing these headphones.  I can also take and make phone calls with theses headphones; I have to speak into the speaker of my phone with some of my other pairs of headphones.

I also like the battery life.  I can wear these headphones for consecutive days before recharging.

The price point is great; you can get these for less than $25.00 at or by clicking here.

If you have any questions please let me know.  I will answer to the best of my ability.

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SoundFit Plus Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

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